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Best Asus Tablet With Keyboard – Transformer Pad TF103C

best asus tablet with keyboardWhen it concerns ASUS, purchasing a full-size keyboarded Android tablet has actually generally implied venturing past the $300 mark; even the Transformer Book T100 set you back $349 when it initially came out, which was thought about a take. That’s not an issue in 2014. ASUS’ brand-new Transformer Pad TF103C costs $299 with the business’s trademark key-board dock consisted of, or as much as some smaller sized mid-range keyboarded slates. While that’s possibly a large deal, it asks a couple of concerns: Just exactly what are you quiting to obtain that rate? And is it worth the compromise when you could likely snag a smaller sized, however more effective tablet for less? As I’ve found out, you’re making many sacrifices in the name of a much better offer. This is still quality hardware, however you need to understand exactly what you’re in for. Read this review to find the best asus tablet with keyboard for you.

Best Asus Tablet With Keyboard – Asus Transformer Pad TF103C


Transformer pad TF103C Hardware

Do not anticipate a transformation on the exterior. Aside from the smooth matte surface on the non-removable back and some cosmetic tweaks to the speaker grilles, the TF103C will certainly appear extremely familiar if you’ve utilized a Transformer series keyboard tablet like the T100. Not that I’m grousing much about it. That still produces a comfy grip, and the tablet alone is light for its size at 1.2 pounds – not as svelte as the 1.07-pound Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, however on par with LG’s likewise sized G Pad. About the only step backward is the excessively smudge-prone housing on the black design. If you firmly insist on keeping the case looking excellent, you’ll desire to track down the white variation.


Naturally, that likewise suggests the exact same disadvantages have actually returned. The tablet’s 16:10 element ratio is great for landscape watching– probably where you’ll invest the majority of your time– however not so hot for checking out books in picture mode. The mix of dock and tablet is reasonably thick (0.78 inch) and heavy (2.43 pounds) thinking about the energy-efficient innovation you’re getting. I’m not anticipating something wafer-thin, however it would behave if the TF103C were much easier to carry around than much more effective gadgets like the 11-inch MacBook Air or Surface Pro 3.

Transformer pad TF103C Keyboard Dock

As constantly, the key-board dock is why you’re taking a look at a Transformer tablet in the very first location. That’s particularly real for the TF103C, which has hardly any keyboard-equipped competitors in its rate wide range. Fortunately, ASUS hasn’t cut corners on the quality simply to obtain that $299 sticker label.

This is the T100’s dock rejiggered for Android, which’s mainly an advantage. The secrets are too little for me to type at a breakneck speed, the key-board as a whole is very valuable for preparing long e-mails and regulating standard settings like brightness.

The touchpad, on the other hand, is a mild improvement over the T100; it has the very same small surface area and concealed buttons, however none of the jumpiness. Android undoubtedly does not make almost as much use of mouse input as Windows does, however the pad is practical for rapidly picking text or other minutes when you do not wish to raise your hands.

Transformer Pad’s Display And Sound

The screen is a huge factor why the tablet costs so little in the very first location if the dock is why the TF103C’s cost is so appealing. A 10.1-inch, 1,280 x 800 monitor is no terrific shakes in an age when 1080p or greater is fairly typical, even on little hardware like the G Pad 8.3 or Nexus 7. The low pixel density (149 ppi, to be specific) isn’t really awful, however it was visible whenever I was checking out or playing an aesthetically extensive video game. A minimum of the total image quality holds up. The IPS-based LCD produces rich colors, shines vibrantly at 400 nits and just loses a moderate quantity of that brightness when seen from sharp angles. You’ll be pleased with exactly what this Transformer has to provide if all you’re looking for is a reasonably true-to-life image.

Audio is another story. The 2 rear-firing speakers are hardly loud enough for a peaceful environment, even if you cup your hands around the speakers to direct the sound forward. Bass is similarly weak– playing dance music will certainly leave you without the rewarding punch you get on the G Pad 8.3 or current iPads. While the output is clear, I simply could not get fascinated in film discussion or music without plugging in some headsets. Must you desire a mobile libraries, you’re much better off quiting the TF103C’s screen property to obtain something with a fuller noise and a sharper image.

Battery Life For TF103C

Intel-based Android tablets like the TF103C are absolutely nothing brand-new, even if they’re still unusual. The quad-core, 1.33 GHz Atom Z3745 processor discovered right here is extremely much up to the task of powering Google’s mobile platform. This budget plan hardware frequently punches above its weight class. It’s usually faster in standards than an Exynos 5 Octa-based tablet like the Galaxy Tab S, and it’s not all that away from Snapdragon 800 gadgets like ASUS’ own Padfone X.

That’s substantiated by the real-world efficiency. I’ve currently discussed the zippy user interface, however the Transformer Pad does not act like an econo-slab when running apps, either. Websites appear swiftly, as well as a graphics-heavy 3D video game like Real Racing 3 runs efficiently no matter exactly what’s on the screen. To some degree, the lower-resolution display screen assists keep things fast; there aren’t as lots of pixels to press around. However, it’s evident that this Transformer Pad has more muscle than you ‘d anticipate, and our offscreen graphics test (GFXBench) reveals that it would not be a slouch with a 1080p display screen.

The Conclusion and Video Review

Well, when you invest a long time with this ASUS Transformer Pad TF103C 10.1-Inch Tablet with Keyboard Bundle  tablet you comprehend, why its rate is under 300 dollars. ASUS have actually made it extremely basic and taken all the functions to the basics. In fact, there’s no breath taking cam, no amazing quality screen or huge video quality. It’s more costly than the low-cost Chromebooks, however it’s more much faster in action than previous discussed.

This key-board tablet has the Google Android Version 4.4 and with 1.33 Ghz quad-core Processor, makes this tablet excellent for utilizing like a tablet or you can replace the laptop computer with it. (Thanks to its speed).

General 4 stars from 5, Reducing 2 stars for the weak video camera and show quality, however adding one back for the Great speed. You are getting $270 worth material inside the bundle when you acquire it. Certainly this device with key-board worth the rate.

Here’s the Transformer Pad’s Video Review:

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